And here are the synopses of three amazing stories that may never see the light of day:

    • Crutch of the Cthulhu:

      There are many who have risen and attempted to rule mankind. A few of these ungodly monsters are the likes of Azathoth, Kaiju, Nyarlathotep, and Yog-Sothoth, only to be defeated by the unworthy and weak-minded spawn of man. But this time it’s different.
      Our hero, the Cthulhu, a timeless creature from beyond the known limits of the universe, seeks to arise from the depths of the Earth and conquer the whole of mankind. Unfortunately, it has a serious problem: Opioid addiction. Can our protagonist fight its inner demons so it can become someone else’s?


      • Windmills on Mars:

        The red planet is our next door neighbor with plenty of wind to spare, the perfectly consistent and untapped source of Earth’s future power needs. This report provides detailed plans for the construction and implementation of the next-generation wind farm with outputs into the Tera-watt range.
        Also included in these top-secret plans is the exact execution of the Hohmann Transfer method to supply the continual loop of fully-charged/spent nickel-hydrogen batteries via the use of solar wind-ships between the two worlds. This book will be out soon, barring any secret government organization banning its release.


    • Melting Grasses of Warthalon:

      This novel details the lives of twenty-six members of the United Nations, stretching from the organizations inception in 1942 to its final day of existence roughly in the year 2136. Entire countries, their cities, and the citizens who live and work in those places provide the backdrop of the rise and fall of presidents, prime ministers, and dictators throughout tumultuous periods of war, and also the utterly calm decades during the time of peace between them.
      The genre is historical science fiction, written entirely in the 2nd person POV and weighing in with an approximate length of 200,000+ words.